Watch out! Here’s 7 brand-new hazing rituals for rushing season

AJ Lawrence, Senior Writer

Welcome to Rush Season! If you’re a student aiming to join a sorority or fraternity, or are already in one and gotta get more members, you better be ready for a crazy time of open houses, recruiting, interviews and parties. So many social events and gatherings, so many people to meet, how can one student possibly do it all?

Who knows! But what we do know is that once Rush starts up, the hazing follows soon after. And with policies and regulations changing, we’ve been seeing many new hazing rituals show up around the states. Ones that are much safer, but no less embarrassing to have to complete. So here is a heads up on some of the most popular new hazing rituals being employed:

  1. Drink 2 liters of ranch. A pretty standard food challenge by all means, only proving disastrous for those lactose intolerant rushers. Let’s hope your future brothers and sisters will take pity on you by chilling it first, and they won’t make you down the ranch warm.
  2. Stack five library chairs on top of one of the tables on the main floor without getting caught. Another pretty standard ritual, just make sure you have a look out while you stack the chairs.
  3. Spend a super in the Bucky the Bison costume. It’s pretty hard getting your hands on the school’s mascot costume, with it rumored to be locked in a secret vault somewhere in the Fitness Center, so this will prove to be a harder challenge. And when there’s only one costume, well, you better get to it fast.
  4. Form a boyband style singing group with three other rushers and perform a fully choreographed two-song set somewhere busy on campus in the middle of the day. No actual talent is needed for this one, just the determination to join your chosen GLO. 
  5. Publicly declare your love to a stranger through song in the Bostwick. Again no talent required, and you may as well kill two birds with one stone and do this with your recently formed band.
  6. Show up to class in full Victorian attire. Must be the real deal, no half-assing it, and anything worn on Halloween will not count! You could even go the Scrooge route with the nightgown and long sleep cap, then there’s no bustles or tailcoats needed, it just has to be time period accurate.
  7. Finally, all rushers must participate in the campus Sorority vs Fraternity Medieval Battle Reenactment. Each rusher must provide their own cardboard and foam armor, weapons, and accessories, and they must be ready to fight for the honor and the glory of their GLOs. Failure to participate requires attending the next super in full medieval knights gear.

With that, our heads up to all rushers is done. Best of luck to all and to all a good rush.

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