Pizzeria Loyalists stalk streets, inducing fear into student population

AJ Lawrence, Senior Writer

This upcoming Wednesday all the pizzeria giants in town will be competing against each other in the annual Lewisburg Pizza Competition, and everyone wants to win. 

Pizza Phi, Tonino’s, Casa De Pizza, Vennari’s and the Original Italian Pizza (OIP) are all in the running, ready to bring their A-game and cheesiest slice to the competition. These cut-throat restaurants are willing to do anything to come out on top — smear campaigns and sabotage are already running rampant in the streets. 

The only people who want these pizzerias to win more than their owners are the students that are so loyal they’ve been stalking the streets for weeks, campaigning for their favorite pizza place. 

The gangs of Pizzeria Loyalists, as dubbed by a freshman in Bostwick, were overheard complaining about her first intimidating encounter with some of the supporters while walking to class, have been out in the streets for weeks. When not in class, doing homework or partying, you are bound to find many of them out and about, wearing homemade t-shirts advertising their pizzeria of choice. 

However, there seems to be even more Pizzeria Loyalists out and about than ever before. Class of 2023 student Bruce Feta is one such loyalist that we managed to interview on the issue. His claims for the increased campaigning was that “the rest of us are feta up, Pizza Phi has won every year the last five years and it can’t continue. So everyone else has decided to go around and show students that our place is the best even more than before, so they can forget all about Pizza Phi. Sure we’re loud and a bit aggressive, but we gotta make sure the people hear us, ya know?” 

Feta stated he was loyal to Vennari’s and Vennari’s alone, and that his favorite thing on their menu is their chili cheese fries. 

Non-loyalists also shared their feelings on the subject. 

“Other than this time of the year when people are going around campus yelling about their favorite place, I only hear people talk about Pizza Phi, or Domino’s, since they’re cheaper and deliver,” Marie Narah ’25 said.

Senior Dough Toss (the ‘h’ is silent) said, “pizza is pizza, honestly, I’m not so sure why there’s a competition in the first place. All the pizzerias in town sell the same things. Hell, I could make any of it in my dorm kitchen.” 

Further investigation into the restaurant’s menus does corroborate Toss’ statement, the only difference appears to be in prices of items. 

Whether or not the pizzerias were carbon copies of each other, it seems like the loyal students will continue to campaign until the last second. With the extensive signs plastered around and the various slogans being yelled about, The Bucknellian leaves you with one last question. Who’s slice will you side with for the competition?

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