Parents apply to Bucknell after enjoyable Family Weekend

Siobhan Nerz, Senior Writer

Last weekend, Bucknell families flocked to Lewisburg to enjoy the company of their students. For the entertainment of these visitors, Bucknell held events such as bingo and a historical tour of Lewisburg. Despite the appeal of these riveting options, many parents found themselves at Super.  Although these parents were initially hesitant to join in the festivities, they found that after drinking a bottle of surprisingly strong, bitter-tasting “water”, they were more open to the idea of socializing downtown. Many started to engage in games and other various youthful activities. Parent Stan Dupp remarked, “Balancing on my hands and drinking from a barrel made me feel young and limber again.” Dupp remarks that the “marvelous liquid coming from the barrel,” along with the rush of blood to his head, made him feel alive like one of the college students. Other parents were also fitting in with the Bucknellians. Parent Anita Room bonded with her pong partner as they drank their way to victory. Room even arranged plans to spend the next weekend with her new friend and brush up on her skills. 

In response to the parents’ fun weekend, administrators have invited parents to apply to the class of 2027. They have even created a new “College Major” that teaches parents how to be college kids. Courses include Hangovers 101 and Sleeping In 211. Furthermore, a graduation requirement for the parents is that they skip at least a third of their courses. Besides classwork, the parents will have other obligations. Since the applicants are already established adults, admissions representative Robyn Banks thinks parents should pay double the tuition of regular students. Furthermore, the parents must apply early decision. In doing this, the parents must attend Bucknell upon acceptance. Administrators are hoping that by filling their class with early decision students, they can lower their acceptance rate. Additionally, administrators believe the admission of parents will solve housing issues. Instead of building more residential buildings for students, the school will make incoming parents stay in their childrens’ dorms.

Overall, Family Weekend was the most successful yet as parents enjoyed their time, and many will be returning to campus next Fall as students.

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