University forgets to inform professors about Fall Break

Siobhan Nerz, Senior Writer

Bucknellians groaned in unison as they went back to school after enjoying a long weekend during fall break. Most chose to return to their homes for the four day weekend while others stayed on campus. No matter their location, Bucknellians used this time to relax and escape school work. Many spent their escape by indulging in luxuries, such as getting to bed before 10 p.m. and eating food from places other than Bostwick.

Although students had been counting down to fall break since September, the faculty was less informed of the mini vacation as the university did not tell them about the days off. Anthropology professor Sharon S. Tress recognized the absence of students on the quad and remarked, “it seems like Bucknellians are all studying in the library.” 

Based on her assumption that students were vigorously working, she generously decided to assign them an extra essay on the Protestant work ethic to “keep them entertained.” 

Other professors who were uninformed of the break planned tests for the Monday and Tuesday when students were not in class. Psychology professor Don T. Care gave a pop quiz on the long term effects of stress to his Tuesday 8:30 a.m. class. After waiting in an empty classroom for 15 minutes, he sent out an angry email, berating students who did not come to class. When student Tara Heart ’23 saw this email, she personally Zoomed Professor Care.

Heart begged to take the quiz, despite the fact she was still wearing her pajamas and had not washed off her overnight acne cream. Additionally, Heart explained to her professor that students were supposed to be on a break. Understandingly, Professor Care let Heart take the quiz and generously gave her half credit, despite her tardiness. 

Overall, students are upset about the amount of work they received over the “break” as they had to use time away from school to do more academic work. First year Tye Eyre ’26 asked, “is this some weird Bucknell prank?”

Although students are upset by their conditions, the campus agrees the professors are not to be blamed. They were only trying to challenge the students with academic vigor and engaging coursework. 

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