Management 101 sponsors beer pong championship

Kieran Calderwood, Contributing Writer

This semester, one Management 101 company stood out in stark contrast to the others. Most students know these groups as “the dudes who sell the sweatshirts,” and in years past, that description would have sufficed.

No longer. One innovative company raised its game this year and developed something truly special.

For the fundraising aspect of their work, Company A decided to eschew the typical cute bake sale or friendly dodgeball competition. Instead, these astute judges of their peer group decided to fundraise in a way that would actually elicit money from college students. They sponsored a beer pong championship.

This past Saturday, adorned in their stunning Bucknell sweatshirts, the hard-working students of Company A hosted the inaugural Bucknell Beer Pong Bash. This ground-breaking event was hosted in the middle of the ELC, with 10 ping-pong tables set up just outside the Bison Café.

Hundreds of students showed up to exhibit their pong-playing talents, and hundreds more came just to watch the action. As throngs of enthusiasts squeezed into the ELC from every entrance point, the few studious students who had come to the ELC to receive packages quickly realized that they wouldn’t be opening anything that day except possibly the pop-top on a can of beer.

Many fraternity guys and sorority gals went to this tourney in search of glory. The competition was at a very high level and utterly ruthless. As exhausted and inebriated contestants fell by the wayside, the true masters of the art fought through to the semifinals. Each round was tougher than the last, and only the strong survived. 

As the climactic final round approached, it seemed as though two brothers from Chi Phi would emerge triumphant, but the last team standing turned out to be an unlikely pair of Bucknell men. The first of these great champions was Brent Papson, the head of student activities.

At his side was none other than University President John Bravman. Johnny B and Pappy Brent had formed a dynamic duo unlike any other. Their chemistry was undeniable: taking turns, they eliminated team after team. The synergy was beautiful. 

At the end of the day, two things were certain: Johnny B’s classic Armani suit had been drenched in cheap beer, and Company A had raised upwards of $40,000 —only half your tuition!

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