Professors make all final exams due on the same day

Siobhan Nerz, Senior Writer

This year, as Bucknellians begin studying for finals week, they can take a long exhale, spit out the Adderall in their mouths, and put down their fifth coffee of the day. The University has finally responded to student complaints of stress and amended the finals schedule. 

Normally, Bucknell has a reading day after the final class, which is followed by a week and a half of finals. During this time, students go to in person exams and turn in essays and projects. While this has been the norm for many years, students are frustrated by the schedule because it prolongs the stress of finals. 

Student Ty Eyred ’23 is done with this setup and said, “I always seem to have an exam during the last day and have to stay for the whole of finals week.”

Eyred, along with other students, have organized to make a change. After 15 students sat outside of President Bravman’s house during Thanksgiving break and stole his turkey, Bucknell has finally decided to respond to their request. 

Now, instead of having a reading day, finals will occur after the last class of the semester. Additionally, all essays and finals will happen on the same day. University administrators say “this will give students an opportunity to just complete their finals. This way, they won’t have to study and get stressed about their grades.” 

Bucknell also announced that students are expected to move off campus after they finish all of their finals. Anyone left on campus at midnight will immediately fail all of their courses. To check for stragglers, Public Safety will be driving around to apprehend students remaining on campus.

Bucknell administrators said in a statement that “the students will be relieved to leave campus earlier than usual. We expect the changes to the schedule to greatly reduce stress” 

Despite this comment, some students think the school has more underhanded motives. Student Ida Trust ’24 said, “Bucknell wants to kick students off campus as soon as possible so they can begin work on the Mods.”

Overall, both students and faculty are interested in how this hectic finals schedule will turn out.

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