Oh No! Cake Wars ends in cake catastrophe

AJ Lawrence, Senior Writer

Last Friday, the CAP Center held yet another Cake Wars, inviting students to team up and defeat each other in the glory of battle – a cake decorating battle, that is. Frosting, candies and other decorating items were provided for all teams to use, and teams were discouraged from bringing their own decorations to avoid unfair advantages.

There was no set theme this year; teams were encouraged to be creative while staying school appropriate. With no other rules in place and a two-hour time limit, it looked like this year’s Cake Wars would be a roaring success. 

Unlike last year’s Pixar theme, there were no duplicate cake themes between the teams. There was one lovely dinosaur themed birthday cake created by a group of first-years, and a sophomore team full of physics and astronomy majors that made an extremely realistic spherical moon cake.

Another team wanted to make a traditional wedding cake, but they apparently couldn’t agree on a color scheme seeing as there were splotches of green, gold, navy and orange all over. The rainbow meltdown was only broken up by patches of pink and black zebra print as well as fake flowers they brought in. 

Naturally there was a recreation of the classic black and yellow Batman logo by the Film Club, but it was upstaged by a gorgeous “Avatar: The Way of Water” cake from a team of engineers. This cake included a functioning waterfall they constructed out of pretzel sticks and a wafer watermill attached to a motor. Too bad the warm water running across the top of their cake melted the frosting! 

Rounding out the entries was an adorable recreation of the Bucknell Farm. Made from a basic sheet cake, the Bison Fanclub made a decent attempt at using the edible paint to draw our beloved Bucky the Bison. 

Last, but certainly not least, was a surprisingly accurate Brent Papson head, which was fitting since the man himself was a judge!

The entire event went well up until the judging, with no large messes occurring. Well, unless you count the wedding cake. But the minute the judges (Mr. Papson and several members of the dining staff) started examining the entries, the sweet competition quickly turned sour.

The Dino Party team accused the engineers of having an unfair advantage with their pump system, while the Batties called out the school spirit-oriented cakes for pandering to the judges. Before anyone knew it, the Moon cake was flying through the air and a food fight ensued. 

Decorated cakes and unused decorations were hurtling through the air, icing and sprinkles covering everyone and getting embedded into the carpet. There was so much chaos that one of the wedding cake team members threw her own cake out the window! In the end, the Papson Tribute head was the last cake standing, and so the Papsonites won by default. 

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