Dean Badal announces updated mental health programs

Maximus Bean, News Co-Editor

Dean Amy Badal announced in an email on Jan. 17 that new resources were in place to aid in student well-being, including expanded mental health support, personal wellness coaching and off-campus therapy providers alongside the help that the Counseling & Student Development Center (CSDC) currently provides.

Bucknell has officially partnered with UWill, a website specifically made for student mental health, to provide the new services. According to the website, UWill offers “immediacy and choice with no obstacles to tap into our community of licensed therapists. Uwill offers an immediate appointment with a licensed therapist based on student needs and preferences, a direct crisis connection, wellness events, and more.”

This service is mainly advised for students who do not have a CSDC counselor. 

Another recent partner of the University is WellTrack Connect, which is a database that aids in off-campus therapy providers. It is another student-based website that can put students in touch with therapists according to their preferences. According to the website, they have powerful filters based on criteria such as “location, availability, accepted insurance, price, specialty, gender, language.”

While Dean Badal mentioned the new updates to the mental health program, she also restated the current resources Bucknell offers, such as confidential 1:1 therapy at no cost to the student. If needed, they can sign up by calling the number (570) 577-1604. 

Another vital resource is phone appointments, which are available Monday through Friday from 1-4 p.m. They can be accessed by calling (570) 577-1604. They are first-come, first-served basis, but scheduling an appointment is available as early as 8:30 a.m.

If students are in an emergency or crisis, they may contact the CSDC directly from 8:30 a.m.–4:30 p.m. or call (570) 577-1604. If there is a crisis after hours, they can call that same number and press “2” for immediate counseling at all hours. 

Dean Badal further reinforced this sentiment in an email sent soon after, on Jan. 28.

“We recognize that many of you are hurting, and we care about how you are feeling. Please make an extra effort to check in on your friends and support each other,” Badal wrote.

After this, she reiterated the importance of the CSDC for private therapy sessions, along with an assurance that, “the University chaplains for the Catholic, Jewish, Muslim and Protestant communities are available to provide pastoral care.” They can be contacted by dialing (570) 577-1592 or by visiting room 109 in Rooke Chapel.

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