Here are the worst times for BeReal to go off

Siobhan Nerz, Senior Writer

The popular new app BeReal prompts users to post unfiltered pictures of themselves and their surroundings. Once a day, the app notifies users to simultaneously snap a selfie and front-facing photo that gets shared with their friends. Users only have two minutes to take a photo and their number of retakes are shared with their viewers. Many users capture their BeReals on time because they don’t want to be perceived as fake. While many praise the app because it forces users to be candid, some Bucknellians are finding the app is too real as it exposes them during awkward times. Read on to hear some of the worst times BeReal can go off.

In class 

Teachers generally don’t like it when you take out your phone during class. They get even more upset when your BeReal accidentally captures the questions for the upcoming test. This happened to student Bert Luck ’24 in Math 201 when his BeReal shared the exam questions with his friends in the later class section. When the professor asked why Bert didn’t just retake his photo, the student said he didn’t want to “be fake.”

Fire drill

Another student’s BeReal got him in trouble when the app notified Roy Eyre ’26 to take his pictures during a fire drill. While Roy was focusing on how his hair looked in his selfie, he failed to notice that the other photo captured Bucknellians who ran out of the shower for the drill and were standing outside in their towels. To say the least, Roy has been having trouble making friends in his first year all since then.

In the Caf Food Line

Lee Kurt ’25 took his BeReal in the caf line when he waited for meatloaf last Tuesday. Parthurst workers mistook Lee’s actions for investigative journalism as they thought he was examining the contents of the meatloaf to write an article for the Bucknellian. Although Lee tried to explain himself, caf workers did not trust his motives and made him delete his BeReal app. Now, Lee has to leave his phone at the door when he enters Bostwick.

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