Bucknell introduces new course: Caf Aux 101 (MUSC)

Aaron Chin, Satire Co-Editor

When it comes to world-class dining, the Bostwick Marketplace is one venue that comes to everyone’s mind. From premier food to impeccable service, the Bostwick Marketplace really does deliver on all cylinders. Perhaps the best aspect of this premier dining experience is, strangely, the music.

It’s abundantly clear that every single cafeteria worker has wonderful music taste. From “Let it Go” to the SpongeBob theme song, there is something for everyone.

“I actually gained my love of music from Bostick,” sophomore Droppa Beat said, a current Music major here at Bucknell. “My hit new album Sauté Sizzle is inspired by my time waiting for hours on end in the Sauté line. You can find it on all streaming platforms on June 9th, and my Instagram handle is @BostwickBarzzzz.” 

The University has taken notice of Bostwick’s success. They even hired a few of the cafeteria workers to become full-time, tenured professors to teach a class called “Caf Aux 101.” The class consists of music majors and non-majors alike that want to learn how to curate the perfect playlist for any occasion. 

We sat down with one of the professors for the new course, Ariana Venti, and asked her about some of the ways she creates a perfect set of songs. Professor Venti is one of many Caf Aux professors, as there are 30 sections of the class due to high demand.

“The key is to vary your style,” Venti said. “You can’t have more than two of the same artists in a row. People will get bored that way. Unless it’s Ariana Grande; I do consider myself quite the #Arianator.”

This approach could very well explain why one student named Ken Fused reported hearing “How to Save a Life,” by The Fray immediately followed by Katy Perry’s hit 2010 masterclass in modern pop music, “California Gurls.”

“I was confused at first, but then I kind of liked it,” Fused said. “As I listened to Katy Perry’s hypnotically beautiful voice, it was like I was put in a trance by a mesmerizing, kaleidoscopic, radioactive brainwave of awesome music. It was totally rad, and that’s why I signed up for Caf Aux 101!”

Leading by example is also an approach the new professors use. Bostwick has its own playlist on Spotify called “BeRealBostwickDining,” and the first exam in the class involved memorizing the playlist order and writing a three to five page, double spaced essay about why the playlist is perfect.

Because Caf Aux 101 has just started, they are still allowing students to switch into the class, so be sure to register before it’s too late! 

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