Top 5 best things to get your Valentine this year

Siobhan Nerz, Staff Writer

Valentine’s Day can often be a stressful holiday as folks strive to impress their loved ones with the best presents. Are you having trouble thinking of gifts for your Valentine? Here are some unique ideas to really impress your significant other.

Your caf guest swipes

Since the guest swipes come with most dining plans, you do not have to put much effort into this present. You and your Valentine can eat expensive meals at Bucknell’s world-renowned Bostwick Marketplace. The venue has many options that you can just grab yourself. At this five star dining experience, there are no waiters, so there is no need to tip. The venue even provides superb musical accompaniment in the form of the caf Spotify playlist.

Cleaning supplies

Is your Valentine’s dorm dirty? Do you smell a strange stench emanating from their garbage when you enter their room? Give them a subtle hint by buying them cleaning supplies. This will help them improve the cleanliness of their room. Maybe you can get them to come over to your place and clean your dorm, too.

Clothing (Even when you don’t know their size)

You can never go wrong buying someone clothing. Not only can you improve someone’s style, but you can show you really know them. Even if you don’t know someone’s size, just make an estimate. If they are truly your Valentine, they will find a way to fit into your gift.

Half Eaten Box of Chocolates

Chocolate is the traditional Valentine’s day gift. Why not put a spin on this classic by eating half of the box yourself? This will signal to your Valentine that your gift is irresistible. It will also let them know that you are open to sharing in your relationship.


If you want your Valentine to smell better, perfume is a great way to get them to improve their scent. And if you aren’t sure what scent to give them, buy the same product you liked that your ex wore. Or better yet, buy a perfume or cologne that your parents have. This way, you know you will like the smell on your Valentine.

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