RateMyProfessor changes to DateMyProfessor for VDay

Bryce Merry, Contributing Writer

Love is in the air, and RateMyProfessor has decided to branch out into the dating app realm, giving lonely students the ability to bag someone they have been staring at all semester. The app, DateMyProfessor, is now available for download in the United States and Canada on all mobile devices, and supports up to 1,200 colleges and universities, including Bucknell. It’s used by an estimated 58 percent of all Bucknell professors, tenured or not, so you are likely to find who you are looking for!

As our first testers reported, the app works much like Tinder or Grindr, with a photo-based matching system, a uselessly vague profile description, and an entirely sex-based vibe. Swiping does seem to get you more results than usual, and you will obviously see a lot more familiar faces on it than average. Of course, one major distinction between this and other dating apps is that upon first signing in you are required to use Duo Push to ensure that you are a student or faculty member. Just to stay safe. 

The Bucknellian reached out to one of the professors who uses the service, who agreed to speak on the condition of anonymity. The professor found the service to be “great for hooking up without consequences” and that it “ensured that I don’t have to flirt with townies anymore.” An anonymous student praising the service said that “without this I would have never known if my overt sexual flirting in the google doc comments was going anywhere!” 

The appearance of this new app has caused a fair amount of anger here on campus. One angry group that The Bucknellian reached out for comment, Bucknell Matchmaking, said that the new app “completely ruined their ability to serve the Bucknell community” and that “dating/relationships between a professor and a student is something that only [they] can set up properly.” 

Even though the downloads of this app have skyrocketed among the faculty, you shouldn’t be fooled into thinking that this is your chance to get an easy A or even an easy O. According to the app’s terms of service, professors are banned from giving preferential treatment to any student in class at risk of losing their jobs. So The Bucknellian believes that there is no reason to give up Tinder yet, unless the professor is at least a solid 7 or 8. 

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