Team Edward vs. Team Jacob war breaks out at Uptown’s Twinight

AJ Lawrence, Senior Writer

It was a dark, mildly cold and windy night when students gathered at Uptown for Twinight. Dressed to impress in their best merch and cosplays, fans settled down with their themed drinks and snacks to watch the first two “Twilight” movies.

From its late 2000s sparkly vampires to relationships so full of red flags you’d think it was a road work area, the Twilight Saga has garnered quite the cult following, with many holding a soft spot for the trainwreck love story. So, most of the fans who went to Twinight expected it to be a chill event where everyone could poke fun at it together. Little did they know that Twinight would devolve into all out war as a decades-long feud was renewed.

Robert Pattinson’s Edward Cullen was well known for his stalkerish and controlling tendencies as Bella Swan’s main love interest during the first film. While fans loved him because he was the only love interest to care about, the adoring teens became split once Taylor Lautner’s “Jacob Black” was introduced. The feud between Team Edward and Team Jacob had been so intense, many people were hesitant to even be fans of the series out of fear of getting dragged into the vampire and werewolf obsessed teen war. The tensions eventually died down, but as the original fans became relatively functioning adults and rediscovered the series, the feud has made quite the comeback and has made itself known on our campus.

The event had started off alright, with the only interruptions being the die hard fans quoting every line, but halfway through the first movie, the screening took a turn when the Jacob fans started to demand the movie be sped up so they could get to the second movie faster.

Some viewers tried to settle them down, but the Edwardians became incensed, proclaiming that the first film was the best since “everything was fine for Edward and Bella before Jacob showed up!”

Team Jacob was quick to fight back, countering “but he was Bella’s true love” with evidence of Edward’s stalker tendencies, like when he repeatedly broke into her house to watch her sleep.

The Jacob fans’ reasoning was clear, but Team Edward was just as ready to cite all the red flags Jacob displayed in the later films, like crashing Edward and Bella’s wedding and trying to steal their baby.

Their back and forth continued, each side getting more riled up to the point where Team Jacob started barking to drown out Team Edward’s arguments. In an attempt to get back to the movies, someone suggested a trivia contest — whichever team answered the most questions correctly would prove their beau the best. Both teams agreed, but it quickly became clear that each group only knew facts related to their favorite, resulting in a tie.

Unfortunately, they couldn’t accept that Edward and Jacob were equal in their terribleness, leading them to go back to their insult throwing for the rest of the event.

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