University hosts bee symposium

By Christina Oddo


Last Saturday, the University hosted a hands-on bee biology and beekeeping symposium.

“[The workshop was] designed for any interested members of the community to foster and encourage the growing interest in beekeeping in our region,” said Elizabeth Evans, associate professor of biology and animal behavior.

Maegan Winkelmann ’13 was able to give great insight into honeybees on campus.“They are actually a non-native species; they are from Europe,” Winkelmann said.
Where are these honeybees located on campus? Most, Winkelmann said, live by the animal behavior lab, while others are located in the Bucknell Chillisquaque Creek Natural Area.

The symposium was sponsored by the biology department and the animal behavior program.

In conjunction with the symposium, “Queen of the Sun” was shown at the Campus Theatre. Before the film, a reception was held in the Campus Theatre, where the general public had the opportunity to taste honey, exhibit posters, ask questions and learn more about bees. The film focused on the global bee crisis, the disappearance of bees and the beehive. It revealed the problems regarding the bee culture and balance in nature. Both the film and the discussion that followed were free to the public.
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