Lambda Chi Alpha hosts Watermelon Bust

By Christina Oddo


Lambda Chi Alpha Fraternity hosted its annual Watermelon Bust, a philanthropy event to raise money for a charity of the winners’ choice, on the lawn outside of their fraternity house on Sunday.

Each sorority involved sent one or two teams to represent their organizations in a series of fun, yet challenging, watermelon-related relay races and events. Each of the 10 teams chose two Lambda Chi Alpha brothers to help coach them.

The first race was the “over-under race.” Sorority sisters lined up in rows and passed the watermelon over and under their heads. The team that passed the watermelon along the line in the least amount of time won the first round.

The “tug of war” competition, won by Chi Omega, was a crowd-favorite. One sorority competed against another on a huge tarp of broken watermelon. “This was the most fun event,” Mark Sabbas ’14 said.

The “wheel barrow race” involved one girl holding her partner’s legs while her partner tried to move a watermelon across a field and through the finish line without using her hands. The girls particularly enjoyed the sense of sisterhood and connection that this activity fostered.

The competition concluded with an eat-off. Each sorority chose one team member who ate a watermelon, as quickly as she could, with their hands tied behind her back.

There was also a spirit competition that was factored into each team’s total score. Whichever sorority cheered the most and loudest won this portion of the competition.

Kappa Kappa Gamma won the overall Watermelon Bust and split the winning philanthropy money with Lambda Chi Alpha. Both organizations will donate this money to the charity of their choice.



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