Snapquote: Mosque

How do you feel about plans to construct a mosque near Ground Zero?
“We have no right to say no. It’s as if we told a church, synagogue or any other place of worship they couldn’t build there. And that clearly goes against what this country stands for.” -Laura Snider ’14

“I think it’s fine to have a mosque near Ground Zero. An entire religion can’t be represented by a small group of extremists.” –Kathleen Molgaard ’12

“I can see how people are against it, but we as Americans have no right to tell fellow citizens where or where not to build a place of worship.”- Grady O’Brien ’12

“Construction of the mosque should be allowed. Not allowing it to be built would just perpetuate the idea that all Muslims are terrorists.” – Katie Koch ’12

“I think it’s great. We’re supposed to have religious freedom in this country, so why shouldn’t a neighborhood be allowed to build a mosque? My mom’s against it, though.”- Phil Perilstein ’11

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