Alum and students work together to popularize website

By Olivia Seecof


University alum and students are working together to make a University channel for a new online video recommendation website service called JukeboxU.

To date, the University has the highest number of people signed up on the website than any other network. In order for a specific University channel to officially launch, more followers must sign up.

“If Bucknell students register, making our channel the first in the nation, JukeBox will sponsor events on campus and make custom channels for school events like one for the spring concert,” Brian Barron ’13 said.

The site officially launched in October. JukeBoxU plays media chosen by the user. Users are able to watch videos from different channels and ‘like’ or ‘dislike’ them as well as add them to their own library. The site takes the types of videos a user likes and customizes his or her channel.

The website describes itself as “like a jukebox, but it’s a television.” The site’s goal is to adapt to consumer preferences.

These channels can become more and more customized as a user’s time on the site increases. As more people who are members of the University network use JukeboxU, a channel will develop that shows what University students are watching.

“JukeBoxU is basically a mix between Pandora and YouTube,” Barron said.

The University became involved with the site because Richie Hyden ’11 was the project manager for Jukebox Television, a Los Angeles-based media company, during the creation of the website. Hyden is now the Director of Human Resources and the Director of East Coast Marketing for the company, and he brought the site to campus to test it out and develop it with the community.

Although Hyden graduated last spring, there are currently three campus representatives working for the website. Barron is the campus producer, while Matt Napleton ’13 and Sophie Van Pelt ’14 serve as representatives.

“I mostly got involved because Richie is a good friend of mine and he told me about JukeBoxU. I found it a very unique and useful tool for college students. I wanted to get involved and spread the word,” Van Pelt said.

Signing up for the site is free and easy–you only need your University email address. For more information visit

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