Lorenz '82 shares business experiences

By Oleysa Minina


Focusing on the importance of tackling new challenges and acting proactively, University alumnus and Chief Operating Officer for Bank of America in Europe, the Middle East, Africa and Asia, William Lorenz ’82, spoke to the brothers of the Tau Kappa Epsilon fraternity about personal lessons learnedthrough his professional achievements on Oct. 23.

“The speech was enlightening. It was a great experience to have a renowned alumni speak to us; I took away tips on how to be successful in the business world and life in general,”Michael Sena ’12 said.

Lorenz, a member of the Tau Kappa Epsilon fraternity, addressed current fraternity brothers about his life and business achievements. Lorenz received a job at Bank of America right after graduating from the University and has since built a successful 32-year career with the company, moving up the corporate ladder and taking advantage of nearly every opportunity and position given to him. He also gave a brief presentation to marketing classes.

“Lorenz expressed that it was crucial in the business world, and in life, to be proactive, plan ahead and say yes to new opportunities and challenges that arise, and that it is crucial to take initiative and respond to opportunity when given the chance,” said TKE president David Pieper ’12.

Lorenz is currently working on keeping Bank of America’s stakeholders content and productive. Since the “Occupy Wall Street” movement has placed protesters in front of Bank of America’s headquarters, Lorenz is working on making sure that the bank and bank processes stay efficient and that stakeholders and costumer sare satisfied.

“Lorenz focused on the fact that scenarios change unexpectedly and that in the business world one must be proactive, rather than reactive, even through turmoil. You cannot miss a beat when challenges arise and you have to have a plan,” Pieper said.

“Lorenz was really interested in the current state of the fraternity and how we have been running everything and what we do to give back to the campus. He was very interested in our events and when we were talking about our Reagan Run, our annual fundraiser,” said Justin Brodie-Kommit ’12, a member of the fraternity and a liaison for the Bucknell Professional Network.

Lorenz taught two corporate finance classes the next day and focused on leadership and brotherhood. He also touched on the current financial situation and advised students on how to be successful in the job market.

“The speech was very well received and we can apply some of his tips to the current campus climate discussions and take initiatives and make changes,” Pieper said.

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