Faculty, students, and local residents run in support of Bucknell Brigade

By Christina Oddo


University faculty and staff, as well as Lewisburg residents, gathered to collectively “travel the distance”–2,073 miles– from Lewisburg to a health clinic in Nueva Vida, Nicaragua in the University’s annual “Making it to Managua” 5K run.

The run supported the Bucknell Brigade and was held last Sunday, November 13. Participants could also support the cause at home by choosing to run, walk or use the elliptical to complete a 5K.

“The 5K went very well,” Lauren Rambo ’12 said. “There was a small- to medium-sized crowd with runners, walkers, friend groups [and] a couple father/daughter pairs, myself included.”

The course wrapped around downtown Lewisburg and up through campus.

“The hill running up Seventh Street to Fraternity Road was a lot steeper than I remembered,” Rambo said.

The Bucknell Brigade provided refreshments before and after the race and also sold hand-made Nicaraguan crafts and organic coffee during the race to raise money.

“I hadn’t run a 5K in a little while and was excited to participate in this event sponsored by the Bucknell Brigade. It was a great cause and a great way to get myself going on a Sunday morning! And I was definitely feeling it days later,” Jake Bellucci ’12 said.

The event organizers were encouraging to runners and were generally enthusiastic throughout the whole race.

“At the end of the race, members of the Brigade were cheering everyone on through the finish line. I liked how members of the Brigade were also holding arrows marking the route and were really supportive,” Rambo said.

The Bucknell Brigade put on a successful event that was enjoyable for both University students and members of the greater Lewisburg community.

“It was nice to see both students and faculty at the 5K.  Knowing that everyone can rally around a great cause like the Bucknell Brigade is encouraging.  I’m glad to be a part of the bubble,” Brian Shoener ’13 said.

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