Local businesses collaborate with student organizations

By Jen Lassen

Assistant News Editor

This past week, Pizza Phi and the Bull Run Inn collaborated with Management 100 Company A and Alpha Delta Pi sorority, respectively, to support University students in their philanthropic endeavors.

On Wednesday, Nov. 9, Management 100 Company A sponsored their “A Perfect Pair for Foster Care” night with Pizza Phi. Students were able to dine at Pizza Phi from 5 p.m. to 10 p.m. and order pizza until 4 a.m. for delivery. Ten percent of all funds raised during these hours went toward the company’s service project with Concern, a local foster care agency.

“We advertised all week and had an amazing turnout,” Haley Thomas ’14 said.

“The event was such an overwhelming success; we were able to give over a $200 donation,” said Rick Thomas, co-owner of Pizza Phi.

Last Friday, Alpha Delta Pi sorority held a “Dining for a Difference” night at the Bull Run Inn from 5 p.m. to 10 p.m. All proceeds during that time went to the Shining Stars Adapted Dance Camp created by Alpha Delta Pi sister Lindsay Zajac.

“It was great working with Bull Run. It was so busy that around 6:00 Bull Run was turning groups away saying that they couldn’t seat them until 8:00 or 8:30 pm,” Melissa Fox ’13 said.

The purpose of these events was to raise money for charity organizations while simultaneously advertising some of Lewisburg’s downtown businesses. The events were a win-win for the local businesses and the student groups who co-sponsored the events.

“Because of [Alpha Delta Pi’s] advertising and their promotions, the number of people eating in our restaurant increased,” said Lois Purcell, manager of the Bull Run Inn.

“From events like these, we always get new costumers and exposure to Bucknell students that are willing to try our products,” Rick Thomas said.

Despite the extra work and time required to put on these events, both Pizza Phi and the Bull Run Inn gladly accepted the invitation to co-sponsor these events.

“The benefits of helping the community and Bucknell students certainly outweighs the small loss of revenue our business experiences from one night; it makes me feel good hosting an event like this,” Rick Thomas said.

“I’m always happy to support Bucknell in a philanthropic way, and it was a pleasure getting to work with the students from Bucknell,” Purcell said.

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