Goldsborough returns as coach

Andrew Lichtenauer

Senior Writer

After a short stint with the Bison in 2003 and 2004, Randall Goldsborough has returned as head coach of the women’s lacrosse team. Goldsborough, a former standout lacrosse player at the University of Maryland and the U.S. women’s National Team, led the Orange and Blue to .500 or better records and consecutive Patriot League Tournament appearances during her two seasons. The Bucknellian talked to Goldsborough this past week about the upcoming season.

The Bucknellian: I understand that your team is currently one of the youngest in the country. Does this influence your coaching strategies in any way?

Goldsborough: It definitely does not influence how we do things. It’s better actually that they are so young because they are impressionable and we can make a bigger impact quicker because of it. I rarely change my coaching style for age–-I just throw it all at them and see what they absorb the quickest, really. We are in a good place with our age because each year they will grow tremendously from their experiences with us both on and off the field.

The Bucknellian: What is it about the University and its athletics department that has left a lasting impression on you?

Goldsborough: The support and pride you feel working here is huge. The administration really cares about each program; the coaches support each other by not only attending games, but working with them as well. The student-athletes support each other and attend each other’s games. It’s just a feel-good place to work.

The Bucknellian: What expectations do you have for the team this season?

Goldsborough: This season I expect the team to understand our system and not just go with the flow. I expect them to work as hard as they can and then work harder. I expect them to learn to push their teammates and how to handle being pushed and challenged. I for sure expect them to compete every day to prepare us for our games. In terms of outcomes, I can’t say, but if we do all of the above we could really turn this program around and surprise a lot of people, including ourselves.

The Bucknellian: The Bison opened this season with a 25-3 loss to Duke, currently the No. 5 team in the nation. Is there anything the team can take away from that loss?

Goldsborough: I think the biggest thing to take away is that at the highest levels, this game is so fast, so strong and so strategic. Executing the fundamentals flawlessly is so crucial to success because even just one turnover could lead to a loss. It really allowed the team to see how important the little things are and that you have to be incredibly mentally and physically tough to compete in the Top 10.

The Bucknellian: What do you think are the biggest challenges you are going to face this season as a team?

Goldsborough: I think the biggest challenge really has nothing to do with our competition.  We are really focusing on changing the culture within the program, asking for a bigger commitment from the players, really seeking out nationally ranked talent in our future recruiting classes to compliment the competitiveness that already exists on the team.  Everything is new for the players – we are installing all new defenses and offenses, the way we play the midfield and press is all different and new – it’s quite a lot of information we are asking the players to absorb, understand, and execute and we are demanding that they do so.


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