ACE proves successful at first "Just Desserts"

By Olivia Seecof


The first-ever “Just Desserts” event was hosted last Friday night in the Terrace Room of the Elaine Langone Center. Sponsored by Activities and Campus Events (ACE), the women’s soccer team and the residential colleges, the event allowed University students to socialize while sampling different desserts provided by Parkhurst Dining Services.
“It was incredible to see so many students from a variety of different groups on campus come together over something as simple as desserts!” said Callie Frieler, assistant director of campus activities and programs (CAP).
A total of 726 students attended the program.
Four desserts were available and students could try any two of the four choices.  Everyone who attended was given a wristband with two tickets attached to regulate the number of desserts each guest could take.
The desserts included dessert pizza, dirt pudding cups with gummy worms, cheesecake pops and candy sushi. The candy sushi station was set up in the middle of the room so that students could either roll their own sushi or have a Parkhurst professional do it for them.
Feedback for the event was extremely positive.
“I was pumped for the dessert pizza since I’ve never had one before.  I loved the toppings like the pond of chocolate sauce and the Oreo crumbs, but the bagel-like pizza dough left something to be desired,”  Aylin Dincer ’13 said.
Raffi Berberian ’14 developed the idea and was in charge of all the planning, from logistics of the event to advertising and managing day-of specifics. Most of the advertising was done by placing posters with a cupcake logo around campus.
“Planning the event involved the careful budgeting of funds towards specific things to make sure we had enough money for everything we needed.  I enjoyed the organizing of this event and we [ACE] will probably have more events similar to this in the future,” Berberian said.“It really was a learning experience that turned out to be very successful.”
The event was an overall success and could not have happened without the large contributions of the members of ACE and dining services.
“I think Raffi and I would agree that this event became far more than we had expected!”  Frieler said.
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