Bison Chips perform annual "Chipfest"

By Jenni Whalen

Staff Writer


The Weis Center for the Performing Arts was packed last Saturday at 8 p.m. with students, faculty and parents listening to the Bison Chips sing their annual concert, Chipfest. 
The Bison Chips have 13 members this year: Sean Gritters ’12, Mike Kurban ’12, Vince Mistretta ’12, Sam Stulberg ’12, Yann Wester ’12, Ryan Mextorf ’13, Brian Pei ’13, Justin Honigstein ’14, Harrison Mills ’14, Michael Strauss ’14, George Beatty ’15, Andrew Killman ’15 and Connor Small ’15.
The Silhouettes, the University’s all-female group, sang four songs in the middle of the performance.

“The Chips are pretty much the first group I really got to know at Bucknell, so they’re kind of like my original family here,” Gritters said. “This Chipfest was the best we’ve ever sounded as a group. We worked so hard on all of these songs over the past month and a half, and it’s really something to be up there and listen to all of that work come together. It’s a great way to end my Chips experience.”

The Bison Chips and audience agreed this was the best the Chips have sounded in years, mostly thanks to the incredible amount of time the members spent preparing for this year’s event. The group began working on new arrangements immediately after Christy’s, a long-standing tradition that takes place during Parents Weekend each fall. Kurban, the leader of the Chips, kept the group practicing three times a week until the week of Chipfest, when the members practiced for at least two hours every night.

As usual, this year’s concert began with a comic video of the Chips losing their suits and ties and running around campus in their boxers. The Chips then ran onto stage and performed 14 songs, almost all of which were arranged and performed by different members of the group. Two of the songs were traditional closing numbers and six were new arrangements. 

New arrangement “Fix You” was arranged by Sean Gritters ’12 and featured soloist Sam Stulberg ’12. “Otherside” was arranged by Yann Wester ‘12 and featured Justin Honigstein ’14. 

Other favorites included “Umbrella” and “Lady in Red,” a classic Chips song during which Johanna Moyer ’12 was serenaded in her red dress.

Overall, those in attendance agreed that the concert was enjoyable and demonstrated the talents and hard-work that University students put into the performance. 

“I think the night overall was awesome,” Damon Quattrochi ’12 said. “It was great to see so many Bucknellians fill the Weis Center in support of a student-led group. The whole show was so well organized and put together.” 

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