Univ. continues large-scale contruction

By Sara Blair Matthews

Assistant News Editor

In the next year and a half, the campus will be undergoing a series of large-scale changes and additions in both the short and long term.

Although construction on the University’s farm property faced a few setbacks last year due to poor weather, the project is back on track and set to finish by 2012 commencement. In addition to the South Campus Project, construction has begun on Academic West, which is planned to be completed by the fall of 2013. Campus officials and administrators say this new construction will cause significant changes in campus traffic.

“[We are planning to] have classes held in Academic West in the fall of 2013,” said facilities project manager Angelo Vieceli. “[We realize this is] a learning curve, and it will be inconvenient until after this summer. Once South Campus projects finish, people will be used to the new traffic.”
The construction of Academic West has closed Fraternity Road behind Ellen Clarke Bertrand Library from Coleman Hall Drive to Delta Upsilon Fraternity, affecting both long and short term traffic. There will be no road behind the library, and traffic will not be able to travel down Fraternity Road. According to plans, Coleman Hall Drive will connect to South Campus Lane.
The new Academic West building will be 75 percent larger than Breakiron. The University wants to mirror the existing Academic Quad behind the library with the new construction of Academic West and eventually Academic East.
“We plan to add up to four more buildings along the Quad,” Vieceli said.
There are also plans to renovate the library and put on a new addition. The University is also consulting a model for the next phase of housing and is trying to decide between suite-style units or apartment-style housing.
Lamda Chi Alpha Fraternity is the first fraternity to occupy the new housing unit. Kappa Delta Rho Fraternity will follow when they are re-affiliated with campus.
There are also a few things to consider in the near future.
First, according to the Campus Alert Center: “Pedestrian access at the rear of the library will be maintained as well as vehicular access to the Breakiron and Dana parking lots.”
Second, the lower end of the Farm Lot will be closed from Breakiron to the Theta Chi Fraternity parking lot, and a temporary exit will be installed to connect the two lots. 
Finally, pedestrian traffic to and from the Farm Lot will utilize the old driveway between Theta Chi and the former Kappa Delta Rho Fraternities. The drive will be blocked to vehicular traffic on either end.
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