Petrucci takes position with Phi Sigma Sigma

By Jenni Whalen

Senior Writer

Jackie Petrucci, Assistant Director of Residential Education for Sorority Affairs, will be leaving the University in a few weeks to begin a new job at Phi Sigma Sigma sorority headquarters in Elkridge, Md.
She will be serving as the Director of Chapter Services for Phi Sigma Sigma and will be responsible for all activities related to collegiate chapter services, including program development and implementation, as well as supervising staff and volunteers. Although Petrucci is not a member of Phi Sigma Sigma, she is excited about the new position.
“I believe in the sorority experience and believe that when it’s done right, it can transform your life,” Petrucci said.
Petrucci is sad to leave the University on such short notice, especially because she will miss her students and colleagues.
“This was a bittersweet decision for me,” Petrucci said, “but ultimately I made a decision that will advance both my personal and professional life. I have so many great memories from my time here at Bucknell.”
Although Petrucci’s absence comes at a busy time for the University’s sorority community, Associate Dean of Students Amy Badal will act as the contact for all sorority matters until a new hire is made. A national search will soon be underway, and the administration hopes the position is filled before fall’s recruitment season begins. Open Suites will still occur on Sunday, April 15 from 3 – 6:45 p.m. as previously planned.

When asked about the future of the University’s Greek system, Petrucci said she hopes the sorority system will continue to move forward in a positive direction. She has been influential in making changes to the sorority recruitment system, expanding the University’s Greek honor society, the Order of Omega, and eliminating the Plan for Prominence.

“During my time here, I have seen this community come so far and I have no doubt that they will continue long after I am gone,” Petrucci said. “I always hope that the women in our sorority community realize the power that they have as a collective group and will use that to influence the campus community in a positive way.”

Students, especially those within the sorority community, have expressed that Petrucci will be sorely missed.

“I’ve worked with Jackie in different settings, as a co-instructor of the transition to college course and as a member of Panhellenic. In every meeting with her, she has been approachable, understanding and hilarious. I have loved every minute of working with her (and her dog, Chloe!) and she will be greatly missed,” Clare Brogan ’12 said.

“Without question, Jackie Petrucci is the greatest thing that could have happened to the sorority and fraternity community at the University. She has worked tirelessly to create a better Bucknell for sorority members. Bucknell has only been bettered by her influence. We, as a campus community, with her encouragement, now have the courage to question and challenge the status quo, and the motivation to impact change not only within the sorority and fraternity communities, but also within the campus community. I wish her only the best as she continues her professional career,” Anne Sequeira ’12 said.
“Jackie has not only pushed both the Bucknell sorority and fraternity community to become more successful, responsible, and motivated, she has also served as a role model and source of support for every woman and man she has come into contact with. She is inspirational, strong, and incredibly talented, and her presence, laughter, leadership, and guidance will be sorely missed by myself and so many others,” Kate Domingues ’12 said.

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