Martin murder warrants justice

By Josh Haywood



Words cannot possibly describe my fury over what happened to Trayvon Martin. The most depressing fact is that this happened over month ago and Zimmerman remains free, charged with no crime. Protests have erupted all over the nation calling for justice to be brought to the Martin family. This crime only illuminates the issue of racial profiling and injustice that exists in the county. If Trayvon had “fit” the profile of the neighborhood he would have never been noticed. As for racial injustice I know damn well if the roles had been reversed and the person who was killed would have been white that the courts would have had a field day throwing the book at the shooter.

Why hasn’t anything been done about the case? The Sanford police have done nothing and have offered little as to the progress of the investigation. Meanwhile, a grassroots movement has sprung up seeking to have Zimmerman arrested. The reason nothing has been done is due to Florida’s unique modification of the “castle doctrine” law, called the Stand Your Ground law, which allows citizens to use force, in this case a gun, to “prevent imminent death or great bodily harm to himself or herself or another.” Under this law according to Zimmerman’s account of the incident, he was in the right. 

I really doubt a grown man was beaten up so badly by a 17-year-old adolescent that he needed to shoot the child to save his own life. The worst thing about the case is that unless someone comes forward or other evidence is presented stating otherwise, Zimmerman will more than likely walk free. Zimmerman is the only one that really knows what happened that fateful February day. The only fact in the case is that Trayvon Miller is dead: resting in a casket full of family memories and crushed dreams. It’s just disturbing that justice might possibly never be served for this youth struck down in his prime.

Rest in peace, Trayvon.

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