KDR recolonizes on campus, excited for fall recruitment

By Amanda Ayers and Christina Oddo

News Editor and Writer

After spending the last four years absent from the University’s campus, the Iota Chapter of Kappa Delta Rho Fraternity will be re-opening its doors this fall. 
The National Fraternity of Kappa Delta Rho and the Iota Alumni Corporation are excited to bring back a community that eagerly challenges every member and encourages character and honor, as well as the needs of society. There are currently three official members — Dotun Odewale ’13, Mohammad Karam ’13, and Sviatoslav Lesko ’13 — and the fraternity is looking for two more upperclassmen to extend offers of membership to in order move forward into formal recruitment in the fall. This fraternity’s recruitment will be no different from any other Greek organization’s. 
“So far, it’s going really well,” Hensley Akiboh, the KDR Educational Leadership Instructor on campus, said. “[The University] has been really helpful in providing me resources to get in contact with students, like the IFC. It was very helpful with all the things I’m trying to accomplish. Things are looking really bright and I’m confident in the progress we’ve made so far.”
The KDR Board of Directors made the decision on behalf of the KDR Alumni Corporation to force the chapter to vacate its house entering spring semester 2008. There had been concerns for several years regarding lack of compliance with national KDR and University policies and standards as well as Union County sanitation standards. When the temporary suspension of housing privileges did not fix the problems, the chapter was then officially suspended in January 2009 for a minimum of four years.
According to an article from the University’s website dated January 9, 2009, “We had hoped that the temporary suspension of house privileges and direct support and assistance of concerned alumni last spring would reform those behaviors,” [former President Brian C.] Mitchell said. “Unfortunately that effort proved unsuccessful.”
The former KDR house was demolished this past fall to provide a location to the “Academic West” project.  A new “Affinity House” on South Campus will be available for the fraternity’s use. The students chosen to represent the fraternity as Founding Fathers will be living in the newly built house.
“It’s a beautiful house and we’re very excited to have that up there and be moving in next year,” Akiboh said.
KDR currently has a strong alumni support group, including many Board of Trustees members; with this support the national organization has high hopes for the re-colonization. Akiboh has been present on campus this spring with hopes of developing energy and interest for the new KDR. He will be living on campus next semester to ensure the re-colonization process runs smoothly. 
Other currently active Greek organizations are excited for the chapter to return to campus.  The Interfraternity Council will be a main resource to the chapter as it enters a pivotal time in its history.
“[IFC] is excited to welcome KDR’s chapter back on Bucknell’s campus. It will require hard work to reinstate this organization as successfully as possible,” Pat Zailckas ’13, President of [IFC], said. “I look forward to working closely with Hensley and the reinstating members of KDR for the remainder of this semester in order to prepare for the whirlwind that is fall recruitment.”
Kevin Foster, Assistant Director of Resident Life and Fraternity Affairs will also be critical to KDR’s re-colonization efforts as a liaison between the fraternity and the University.
“We have been working with alumni and representative from their National Headquarters since the end of last semester to help with the process,” Foster said.
Foster also noted his office’s enthusiasm for the positive impact KDR will have across campus.
“Anytime a new group comes to a campus it tends to push the current groups in a positive way and spark new energy for students who might not have considered joining a fraternity prior.”
Representatives will be back on campus twice this month to make sure that the founding and potential new members are educated and aware of the organization.  For more information, explore KDR’s national website at kdr.com or the chapter’s website at iota.kdr.com.
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