Nelly concert proves worthwhile

Nicole Della Cava
Contributing Writer

The day of the spring concert, many students were still posting attempts to sell their Nelly tickets on the Message Center. Truth be told, the tickets never sold out.

Is Nelly outdated or are students more interested in going to fraternities on a Friday night? While not even half of Sojka Pavilion was filled, the students who did attend demonstrated their utmost devotion and idolization. It cannot be that Nelly is no longer appealing to college students because the energy and excitement that lasted from the first song to the last was extremely forceful and passionate.

Right when the music sounded, initiating Nelly’s first number, five men conquered the stage from right to left. Nelly, in the center of the four other singers, really knew how to get the audience electrified. The sudden entrance and assertive opening set the tone for the rest of the performance. Nelly and the rest of the singers never lost the audience’s attention or motivation.

Nelly began with the song “Party People” and continued with his most popular songs such as “Air Force Ones,” “Hot In Herre,” “Country Grammar,” “Ride Wit Me” and “Grillz.” The only time he stopped singing was to give the audience a test on how well they knew his songs. The audience definitely proved that the University loves old-school music and that we really are “Party People.”

The crowd sang along and waved their hands to the song “Move That Body.” One girl was even was called on stage because she had a huge poster asking Nelly to sorority formals.

Obviously the students who showed up to the concert represented the University in a very positive light. I definitely think Nelly was worth it and I could tell that the audience thought so, too. However, the problem lies in the students who did not bother to consider going to the concert. Everyone who did not come missed out on an incredible performance. It is true that the majority of students does not have a lot of school spirit or respect for some events that do not involve Greek life. Seeing Nelly perform live was just as good if not better than hearing his songs on the radio. His songs are classic but the truth is students just find downtown parties with their fraternity brothers and sorority sisters more exciting than a legendary artist.



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