Univ. offers service to remove points

By Jenni Whalen
Senior Writer

In addition to the well-known drunk driving simulations, students can participate in University events for a total of 20 hours in order to eliminate one point from their record. This spring, students were invited via the Message Center to help set up and clean up for the Spring Concert and/or Chrysalis in order to help clear their records.

Although the concert has already passed, students can still help the University from 2 p.m. to 7 p.m. on Thursday, April 26 and from 12:30 a.m. to 5 a.m on Friday, April 27 at Chrysalis.

“The Nelly and Chrysalys cleanups are great ways to eliminate points. It’s not too much work, and it’s a good way to lend a helping hand,” Hayden Yancey ’14, a participant, said.

While at the University, students may acquire points as a result of participation in illegal activity, most frequently associated with underage drinking. Punishments can range from a one-point penalty for carrying an open container of alcohol to a nine-point penalty for driving under the influence at dangerous levels of intoxication. At the most, students may receive a 10-point penalty for drinking that is associated with violence and results in physical injury, according to the University’s Alcohol Policy. Most points are also accompanied by a fine of some sort.

Many University students receive a point or two during their undergraduate careers due to their presence in a room with alcohol paraphernalia or some other minor offense. But all students are able to remove a point per year from their records. According to Forgiveness IV of the Alcohol Policy, “A student may receive a one point reduction by attending scheduled alcohol programs throughout the academic year.”

Many students choose to attend drinking and driving simulations on campus as a way to eliminate points from their record each year.

“I did a drunk driving simulation freshman year and had to write a little blurb about it,” said a senior who chose to remain anonymous. “It only gets rid of one point, but I only had one, so it went away completely.

In addition, a student who completes a full calendar year from the date of the initial incident without another alcohol violation will receive an immediate reduction of one point, and a student who accumulates six or fewer points through September 15 of senior year will have those points removed from his or her student record.

According to Assistant Dean of Students and Student Conduct Administrator Chip Marrara, the work students do to erase their points will be physical and students will be expected to move heavy objects. It should be noted that all students who wish to eliminate points are invited to register as soon as possible. Students who sign up and do not work the hours indicated will be cited for “Failure to Comply” and will receive an additional fine in addition to the hours they do not complete.

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