New network INvolves students

Sara Blair Matthews
Opinions Editor

The new Involvement (IN) Network was created to connect students to opportunities outside the classroom and provide an easy way to navigate their involvement on campus.

Currently, around 80 clubs and organizations are a part of the IN Network and more are planning on joining in the near future.

“It is a great tool for student organizations to help manage their group. They have the capability to manage their roster, easily communicate to their organization, upload photos and documents, re-recognize each academic year and much more,” said Laura Yeckley, assistant director of Campus Activities and Programs.

The University was inspired to create this tool because “the Division of Student Affairs wanted an easy way for students to find opportunities about getting involved on campus. We wanted one centralized location for students to find information on student organizations, leadership opportunities and weekend events and activities. In short, it is also to help students navigate their involvement at Bucknell,” Yeckley said.

“The IN Network will absolutely make it easier for me to manage the Fire and Ice staff. It will also make our club more transparent to the Bucknell community. Plus, it is free advertisement!” Asha Harvey ’15 said.

Yeckley and the Division of Student Affairs hope this network will make it easier for students to discover the opportunities the University offers in a fun and interactive way.

The network came about because “staff members in Library & Information Technology, the Office of Communications and Student Affairs worked together this summer to institute this addition to the online services currently available,” Yeckley said.

The IN Network advertises upcoming workshops, concerts and club meetings. Upon enrolling, each student is automatically linked to his or her class page, which will be updated to show class news, photos and events.

“Class officers will use this as a resource to connect with their classes. In addition, all residential halls have been placed in a group to help create a residential online community to connect with their RA and hall,” Yeckley said.

To get the word out to students, the Campus Activities & Programs Center distributed flyers to all the first-years at Activities Unlimited, installed “plug IN” charging stations and  is looking to hold a raffle in the near future.

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