Payn Scholarship Fund for opera students

Katie Alt
Contributing Writer

Associate Professor of Music Catherine “Kay” Payn has been honored with a newly established scholarship fund for music students. The Catherine Payn Scholarship Fund benefits University students studying music in general, though the fund gives preference to those students studying opera.

The scholarship fund was established through a gift of alumnus Frank Lattal ’80, his wife, Gretta, and their daughter, Emily ’12. This scholarship fund is in addition to a 2010 endowment the Lattals made to benefit the Bucknell Opera Company, which also specifically credited Payn. Emily recently graduated as a vocal performance major, working closely with Payn throughout her college career.

Payn is the director of the Bucknell Opera Company, and her current students are thrilled to see her work and legacy commemorated with the scholarship fund.

“There is no one more deserving of this honor than Professor Catherine Payn,” Joanna Malaszczyk ’15 said. “She has been, for myself as well as many others, an incredible mentor, director, friend and inspiration. I am overjoyed at the installment of this scholarship.”

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