He said: the perils of texting after a hook up

Josh Haywood

Texting after a party is the most popular form of communication for students seeking to spend time with a person post party. You know the situation: a guy and a girl meet in a sweaty dark basement that should have been condemned years ago, and with the help of a little liquid courage, they hit it off. This is where it gets confusing because neither person knows what to do next. We are all guilty of this practice from time to time because sometimes men and women just don’t see eye to eye. There are a couple of things that should be said as to alleviate some of the confusion.

One thing is certain and that is acknowledgement is the best policy; don’t pull a Bill Clinton and be like, “who the hell is Monica?” Own up to what happened. At least own up to yourself depending on what the person’s “StalkerNet” photo looks like.

Most importantly, do not go around telling a story to your friends that you made up on your way to detox in the sauna. Genuine stories are the best stories and it is bad karma in general to lie about something that never happened. Lying is often a double-edged sword because, while it might make you sound good for the moment, you always run the risk of it backfiring when the other person hears what you said. If you do happen to see each other, at least acknowledge the fact that you know what happened. Time and time again you will encounter someone that has a case of “weekday amnesia.”

There are certain rules you must follow if you are going to text someone you met at a party. Timing is key in this situation because once someone gives you their number, you don’t want to give off creep vibes by texting them for breakfast the next morning. Wait a minimum of 24 hours after the number exchange to hit them up.

Only text on a date where there is the possibility that you two can meet up later that night. If the person says they are just “hanging out,” “chilling” or anything that is not inviting a response, it means they do not want to see you that night, let alone even ever again. Also pay attention to the frequency of texts. No guy wants to get eight texts before noon from a chick that they spent the night on a couch with. Men and women have different ideas about what a text means, but if you follow these simple rules, you will be fine.

Hopefully this alleviates some of the confusion that happens when it comes to communicating after you meet someone on the weekend and you do not know what to do next. Just be yourself and don’t take it personally if someone does not want to talk to you because you can always go out and find someone else. If anything, use it as a lesson and try to improve yourself so that next time you will not have the same results.

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