Bison football training, diet regiment

Sami Shein


The Bison football team is stronger than ever due to their rigorous summer training and diet regimen.

After numerous players participated in voluntary summer workouts, the entire team reported to campus to start football training camp on Aug. 7. It was not hard for the Orange and Blue to get back into the swing of things since every teammate pushed himself over the summer.

“During camp, we are on a tight schedule that includes practicing, working out, meetings and meals. Our nutrition is monitored to maintain or change our weights so that we will be most effective when we are out on the field,” co-captain Beau Traber ’13 said.

“Our schedule was tough. A typical day was waking up at 7 a.m. and pretty much going to meetings, lifts and practices until curfew. We also had breaks throughout the day to eat and rest,” co-captain Joseph Francis ’13 said.

There was no unified diet for the team, but some players who needed to lose or gain weight for their position were advised to eat certain foods. The players tried to eat about 4,000 calories per day and hydrate as much as possible to feel energized and strong.

The Bison enjoy their intensive training schedules and are not intimidated by the workouts because the training is fairly similar to years before. Since they know what to expect, they set goals in order to improve.

“Everyone’s attitude was focused on taking it day by day and not worrying about what we had to do next,” Francis said.

“This year, camp went well, and we attribute that to all the hard work we have put in since the end of last season,” Traber said.

Due to all their discipline and dedication, the Orange and Blue feel more than ready to take on their opponents this season.

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