Prof. Duckworth left legacy at the University

The University lost a powerful professor and figure in music on Sept. 13 to pancreatic cancer. William Duckworth, 69, was a pioneer in both postminimalist and Internet interactive music. Duckworth wrote about 200 compositions, working to fuse influences of bluegrass, medieval music, Satie, Messian and jazz. Also an author, known for his book of composer interviews, “Talking Music,” and a study of interactive music, “Virtual Music: How the Web Got Wired for Sound,” Duckworth proved multifaceted. Duckworth was a professor of music at the University for 38 years until taking a medical leave in 2011. Many national news organizations such as NPR have aired and published tributes to Duckworth. He is survived by his third wife Nora, his children, Will, Katherine and Alison and his eternal impact on the University and the world of music.

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