iPhone 5 not worth the investment

El McCabe
Contributing Writer

Whether you are fan of Apple or not, it is impossible to ignore the monumental impact the company and its products have had on the lives of millions across the globe. Ever since June 2007 when the first version made its debut, over 200 million iPhones have been sold.  People can’t seem to get enough of Apple’s most popular product and the hype for the newly released iPhone 5 led thousands to go as far as camp outside stores for days to get the long awaited improvement to the 4S.

The iPhone 5 was released Sept. 21 and students around campus are already sporting Apple’s latest gadget. With a larger screen, thinner body, high-definition camera and many more exciting features, I can see why everyone is so eager to get their hands on one. But, with every new iPhone comes some tradeoffs. The new iPhone contains a completely unique plug-in port for charging and importing that is not compatible with any of Apple’s prior accessories or chargers. Thus, not only is this iPhone costing you big money to buy, but it is also forcing you to start fresh with expensive accessories such as the iHome.

For me, the entirely new plug-in port is a deal-breaker. No matter how nice Apple made the screen and features, it is still not worth the amount of money necessary to replace everything. Apple products are notoriously not cheap, and not everyone can afford to replace their old gadgets even if they wanted to. However, I do suggest downloading Apple’s newest software version iOS 6. This update is available on all versions of the iPhone and provides a fresh look to music, calling and maps. This update will not only provide the feel of the iPhone 5, but it will also help avoid dipping into your savings.

Basically, the decision to take the plunge in buying one of these aesthetically pleasing items depends on your priorities. If you are a die-hard Apple supporter and are willing to shell out the funds, you will not be disappointed with the iPhone 5. If you are more like me and do not want to convert all accessories to the new adapter, this phone most likely isn’t for you.

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