Stop the Hate rally moves community

Brianna Marshall

“No one is born hating another person; this is a learned event,” Cindy Peltier of the Community Alliance for Respect and Equality said.

These powerful words served as the theme for Bucknell’s 14th annual Stop the Hate Rally which was held on Tuesday, Oct. 2.  Peltier was one of many speakers to discuss issues of hate-related violence and the measures that must be taken in order to eliminate discrimination and prejudice within the Bucknell community and beyond.  Stop the Hate is a national endeavor that was founded in 1998 to encourage nonviolence while promoting acceptance and tolerance of all people.

Organized by Tracy Shaynak of the Women’s Resource Center and Rabbi Serena Fujita, Bucknell’s Jewish chaplain, Bucknell’s Stop the Hate Rally featured multiple activities in support of unity and equality. Participants gathered at the Elaine Langone Center and marched together to the Olin Center, the event’s main location.  A wide range of presentations followed, representing multiple media including spoken word, poetry, and singing.  The presenters used these art forms to express their feelings and reactions to the hatefulness within society.

“Without tears, without anger, and without fear…I said to myself, ‘this is me’,” said Michael Green ’13.  His performance was one of many “This is Me” spoken word presentations.

The formal ceremony concluded with a performance by Beyond Unison on the science quad.  Stop the Hate Rally participants gathered with glow sticks, fostering a sense of community and establishing an atmosphere of peace and security.

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