14 professors added to Univ. tenure track

Brianna Marshall

The University welcomed 14 new full professors this semester with the promotion of 12 faculty members and the introduction of two additional professors. These individuals represent a wide range of majors and disciplines in both the College of Arts and Sciences and the College of Engineering. The Board of Trustees conducted these promotions on the basis of intensive departmental reviews and recommendations.

“Being promoted to full professor is the highest form of recognition in the profession,” Provost Mick Smyer said on the Bucknell University website [“Faculty Stories: Meet our new full professors,” Oct. 11, 2012]. “These faculty are deeply invested in pushing our students to think more deeply and broadly about the subject matter. At the same time, they continue to do rigorous scholarly work and contribute knowledge to their respective fields.”

Professor of English Shara McCallum is among those promoted to full professor status.

“Connecting deeply with the students I’ve worked with here, and building relationships that have lasted with many of them years after their graduation, has been one of the most enriching aspects of my teaching at Bucknell. I’ve also been grateful to help deepen an appreciation of contemporary poetry–on campus, in the local community and regional area and nationally–through my role as director of the Stadler Center,” McCallum said.

Other familiar faces to be promoted from the College of Arts and Sciences include Gregory Adams and Tom Cassidy, professors of mathematics; Eric Tillman and Brian Williams, professors of chemistry; Katharina Vollmayr-Lee, professor of physics; Christopher Magee, professor of economics; Alexander Tristan Riley, professor of sociology and Slava Yastremski, professor of Russian. James Maneval, professor of chemical engineering; Mike Toole, professor of civil engineering and Constance Ziemian, professor of mechanical Engineering, are the newly promoted full professors within the College of Engineering.

Two new professors have also been hired: Alan Cheville, professor of electrical engineering and Judith Grisel, professor of psychology. Cheville is set to arrive on campus next semester, while Grisel has started teaching already.

“I just moved to Bucknell in August and am thrilled with everything–including the northward ‘promotion,’” said Grisel.

For more information and new full professor profiles, check out the faculty stories on the University website.

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