James Bond "Skyfall" debut is worth seeing

Spencer Ivey


If you love James Bond movies, you must see the newly released “Skyfall.” Fifty years removed from “Dr. No,” the first movie in this second-highest grossing film franchise in history, director Sam Mendes takes us back to the basics of a great Bond film. A charismatic actor playing Bond along with his supporting crew at M16, exotic locations, beautiful women, fast-paced action and a vodka martini (shaken, of course) have been the meat and potatoes for Mr. Bond since the inception of this iconic series. With Daniel Craig’s best effort as 007 yet, I proclaim “Skyfall” as one of the best Bond movies ever.

“Skyfall” had high expectations especially due to the underappreciated “Quantum of Solace,” which hardly passed as a Bond film. Mendes worked hard to feed Bond lovers’ appetites for a hearty serving of classic 007 flair, and he has certainly left them satisfied. After its first weekend, “Skyfall” deservedly raked in $87.8 million, which was good enough to claim the most profitable premier in Bond history.

I guess the third time is the charm for Craig. His piercing blue eyes and rugged exterior is complemented perfectly with the deep emotional development of his character. We see a different side of the sly killer for the first time, but not without a lack of action. Outfitted by the return of a familiar character in the series, who was missing from the previous two movies, Q (played by the young Ben Wishaw), and instructed by the always-stellar Judi Dench as M, Bond takes us on a thrilling, international adventure in pursuit of the bad guy with all the wrong intentions.

In an effort to not spoil the many surprises of this spectacular movie, I will avoid detail. In essence, this is a Bond movie you simply cannot afford to miss. Although I saw “Skyfall” on a normal theater screen the first time around, I will be sure to take advantage of the IMAX offering next time. This is a movie truly deserving of the big screen.

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