Students take "A Trip Around the World"

Kerong Kelly


Members of the International Student Services, Bucknell Student Government’s (BSG) Committee on Diversity and the Career Development Center hosted the second annual “A Trip Around the World” on March 28.

The event drew in 640 students as documented by the number of student identification cards swiped at the entrance. In addition to the large student turn out, several faculty members and their children also attended, raising the total number of participants to around 700. The evening consisted of information about the different cuisines, as well as samples of the different cuisines, and the customs of over 20 countries including Russia, Tanzania, India and more.

“I thought it was fun because I had no idea how many countries were actually represented by the student body before the event,” Caitlin O’Connor ’13 said. “All the food was delicious, and you were able to sample a bunch of different things. I also liked seeing all the dances by the international students who performed.”

BSG allocated several thousand dollars to the event’s budget in order to ensure its success. The Committee on Diversity, comprised of members from the University’s diversity groups, worked alongside the Career Development Center to provide an event that focused specifically on the different cultures.

“I wanted this event to not just be about the food or the people,” Mahilet Oluma ’13, president of the Committee on Diversity said. “Instead, I wanted it to break stereotypes and break borders.”

A similar event held last year focused on highlighting the different opportunities in the represented countries, as well as offering study abroad information. The survey that was sent out following the event provided important feedback and reported that students were more interested in the study abroad programs as a result of the informative evening.

To ensure the future of diversity awareness events, a group of Deans, as well as President Bravman, have promised the continuation of funds in support of such initiatives.

“The experience opened my eyes to how unique every country is,” Leah Hochman ’16, who represented the Israeli station, said. “Every country that was represented at the dinner brought a little bit of flavor. It was a fantastic opportunity.”

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