Hip-hop artist storms off Spring Concert stage early in setlist

Only a few songs into his set, headlining artist Lupe Fiasco announced he would be ending his act early and quickly departed the stage.

The Chicago-based rap artist, born Wasalu Muhammad Jaco, began complaining about the lights and sound after just a few songs during the University-funded Spring Concert on April 5.

A few songs later, the visibly unhappy artist  ended his performance entirely.

“One thing that I’ve never done – that I’ve never done in my whole career – which I might have to do tonight, is I can’t continue this show,” he said onstage, then promising to return his fee.

An announcement was made by concert staff that people who wanted to leave immediately and receive a refund could have their tickets signed by a staff member and would be paid back later, head of the Concert Committee Zack Beltran said. Those students will be notified by the University soon about receiving their refund.

Students who opted to stay for the rest of the concert would not be given a refund.

“In regards to the shortness of Lupe’s performance, the committee cannot control individual artists’ actions,” said Beltran. “We go through an extensive booking and contracting process, working with our advisor and agent, to plan the show…we hope that people are not discouraged by this year’s concerts.”

Alternative rock band Third Eye Blind, the second act of the show, took the stage after the break, stopping to take a jab at the previous act by promising that they would continue their performance despite even possible police intervention.

Soon after the show Lupe Fiasco took to twitter, apologizing for his premature exit and claiming that he felt his “voice starting to crack trying to overcompensate for a very messy sound set-up and feared really damaging [his] voice if [he] continued.”

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