Uptown to host more Pub Nights and registers

by Rachel Healy

Uptown, the University’s uphill student venue, will adopt several new changes following President John Bravman’s announcement of an updated alcohol policy.

The new policy will increase the number of Pub Nights and make the space at Uptown available to student organizations, according to Director of Campus Activities and Programs Laura Yeckley.

Any BSG, University, or Department-recognized group in good standing, without prior conduct incidents, is eligible to apply via the IN Network to host one register per year before the Monday, Sept. 16 deadline. The University will select three groups through a random drawing.

“[The] new policy is to help meet the demands and [is made] in response to feedback from our student population,” Yeckley said.

Students who are 21 and older will be given the same wristbands at the registers that are used on Pub Nights. The three tabs on the wristbands will be redeemable for an alcoholic beverage of beer or wine, which is funded by the dean of students. Dining Services or Training for Intervention Procedures (TIPS) trained Uptown staff will serve the beverages to students.

The number of Pub Nights will also increase from six to 12.

“We decided to double the amount in response to the popularity of the event and for the needs of our students over 21 who are looking for a casual, safe environment to drink,” Yeckley said.

The number of Pub Nights and registers will be equally balanced with an increase in dry events such as karaoke nights, concerts, and comedians.

“With this policy change, Uptown has more opportunities to put on events that students really want, and will hopefully attract more students from all ends of campus,” Greta Savickaite ’15, Uptown’s assistant manager, said.

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