University nutritionist educates students about healthy eating

Erin Jankowski

Contributing Writer

Tanya Williams, the University’s nutritionist and dietitian, will be stationed in Bostwick Marketplace to help inform students about personal dietary choices.

Williams will appear each Wednesday in Bostwick Marketplace as perhaps the most accessible element of the growing nutritional health programs on campus.

“My goal upon the arrival of the Class of 2017 this year is that every student knows I exist before graduating,” Williams said.

Williams’ availability in the Bostwick Marketplace is only one example of her growing presence on campus.

This past January, Williams and her team introduced the Bucknell Nutrition Initiative Program. This initiative program includes first-year education courses, upperclassman cooking courses, guided shopping tours, and individual nutritional counseling sessions. The goal of this initiative is to inform students how to eat healthier for their entire career at the University.

The University’s dining services already use a variety of local and fresh products when available and make a large selection of food from scratch.

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