Sigfried Weis Music Building to add new studio

Shannon Beauregard

Contributing Writer

A new composition studio will open this semester in the music building, giving music students the opportunity to work with advanced electroacoustic technology.

Right now the music department does not know when the composition studio will be available to students, although it will be sometime this semester.

The new studio is “a huge part of the reason why I’m here,” Assistant Professor of Music Paul Botelho said, “I love doing this kind of work.”

“Our new studio will analogue a recording studio,” Botelho said. “Right now we have an electric music lab that is focused on mini composition, but this studio will allow for much larger projects.”

The recording devices available in the new studio will allow students to simulate instruments not actually present. The new console in the studio is a large mixer that controls how the recorded sounds are combined.

“It’s the best kind of controller you can get,” Botelho said.

In the first phase of its completion the studio will essentially just be a control room. The University plans to eventually have all the music that is recorded in the studio remotely controlled through the concert hall. This way, microphones and other sound equipment in the concert hall can be transmitted to the composition studio for more advanced work.

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