Class of 2017 elects Student Government representatives

Ethan Zubkoff


Fifteen new leaders and representatives from the class of 2017 were elected this past week to the Bucknell Student Government (BSG).

Three of those 15 include class President Yacouba Sidibe ’17 from New York City, Vice President Mitch McBride ’17 from Erie, Pa., and Secretary/Treasurer Katie Chambers ’17 from Harvard, Mass.

“My goal is to bring the class together. The most important thing is for everyone to get to know each other,” Sidibe said.

Sidibe’s fellow representatives echoed his words, stressing the importance of bonding events for the freshman class. McBride and Chambers both suggested organizing a movie night for all 935 members of the freshman class.

First-year representative Mark Merino ’17 from Los Angeles, also suggested a restaurant night for a class unity event, in which 10 percent of the profits would go to the restaurant.

Sidibe and McBride are committed to being the voices of the class of 2017. They want to ensure that first-year students are heard within BSG, and want to speak for them about any serious issues that may arise. They want their fellow classmates to feel comfortable coming to them if they need anything or believe something could be changed.

The rest of the representatives for the class of 2017 includes: Yash Balasaria, Chris Shadek, Alex Breakstone, Lizzie Sheprow, Mark Merino, Gabby Gottschall, Alex Fox, Nina Nevarez, Madeline Kling, Victoria Karakis, Daniel Dudt, and Taylor McCready.

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