Bravman speaks to BSG

Ethan Zubkoff

Contributing Writer

On Sept. 22, University President John Bravman said that providing for the health and safety of students downtown will prove to be difficult after making the decision to cancel House Party Weekend as an official University event.

In a speech before the first session of the Bucknell Student Government (BSG) Congress, Bravman spoke about the possible effects of his Aug. 1 decision to cancel House Party Weekend and the feedback he has received so far.

Bravman also said that he is concerned for the safety of the students if the activities typical of past House Party Weekends are taken off campus.

Any attempts to hold an event the size of House Party Weekend downtown could result in a riot or encounters with local police, Bravman said.

“There is literally not physical space [downtown],” Bravman said.

Bravman also answered questions from Student Government representatives about the new medical amnesty policy.

“[There is] some concern … that this will actually promote a substantially higher degree of dangerous drinking, but even if it does, I want to come down on the side of health and safety,” Bravman said.

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