Committee to review alcohol policy

Jackson McCarron

News Editor

The University’s Alcohol Review Committee is currently conducting a research-based review of the University’s alcohol policy. Associate Dean of Students Dan Remley and his office–in cooperation with a group of students–are heading the review.

The current alcohol policy is 10 years old, Remley said.

“Its always good to do an evaluation of your policies,” Remley said.

Dean of Students Susan Lantz requested the review in an email sent to Remley during the summer, Remley said.

According to a document outlining the Alcohol Review Committee general charge, the review will provide “a forum from which the provost and the dean of students can solicit advice and recommendations, creation, and implementation of alcohol policies and students conduct practices.”

The comprehensive review will consider policies that are currently being used at comparable universities and colleges. The list of 22 universities contains schools such as Lehigh, Lafayette, Tulane, Bates, and Oberlin.

Remley’s office will also being working in congress with a number of University students. The students and Remley will read relevant literature, engage with both the University and Lewisburg communities, as well as work with a number of national organizations, Remley said.

“We are always worried about the safety of our students,” Remley said.

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