Students give away trust too easily on campus

Generally, the University is a safe place. Take a lap around the library or the caf and see the countless number of laptops and cell phones lying around unattended. It’s a trustworthy campus, which makes people feel comfortable and safe while we are here.

Unfortunately, this was not the case on Wednesday night. After last year with all the break-ins and other scares that we’ve had, somebody broke into the mods again.

Even though it was not a University student involved in the break-in, it brings up the point of safety and security that needs to be addressed. We understand that since the mods are far away from campus, most people do not venture that far out of their way to do anything to them. However, the mods also do not have some of the safety measures on campus dorms such as ID pads, giving the student more responsibility for the safety of their property. Since the mods don’t have an ID pad to let them in, students have the equivalence of living downtown in that they can choose whether or not to lock their door, as opposed to the entire building being open to University students.

This recent break-in can also serve as a good lesson to students. After college, most of us will be heading out to live places where many of the security measures we have at the University will not be present. We have to learn at some point to adopt basic practices of living safe, which includes keeping our homes secure. However, has it also reached the point where the University needs to put in more security measures at places like the mods, especially if people are walking into dorms when students are in them?

It is nice when we are in college and live in a world where we have the security of the University and the administration on our side if anything goes wrong. But it’s still important to be responsible for your valuables and to understand the consequences of your actions. While we do live in a trustworthy environment where most of the people will cause you no harm, it is always safe to keep caution with little things like locking your door when you leave. Especially living with a group of people where everyone is liable for each other’s property.

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