New class to be offered in New Orleans

Gigi Flynn 


The University will offer a new summer course called “New Orleans in Twelve Movements” starting in 2014. The class will be three weeks long, from May 19-June 8; the first and last week will be spent at the University and the second in New Orleans. Assistant Professor of Civil & Environmental Engineering Kevin Gilmore, Assistant Director of the Teaching & Learning Center Brian Gockley, and Assistant Professor of Music Barry Long have been planning the course for two years.

The course will use the geographic information systems (GIS) application on an iPad to create a map of history through different layers. During the first week, in addition to learning how to work the app, the class will learn about the background and the history of New Orleans.

“Katrina is an interest point, but we want to tell the whole story,” Gockley said.

Students will spend the second week in New Orleans. In the morning, the class will do Habitat for Humanity work at St. Bernard. The afternoons will be spent touring social engineer attractions such as the rain pumping systems. Finally, the nights will be spent meeting musicians and watching performances.

“This is an integrated course. New Orleans is so rich in history,” Gockley said.

During the third week, students will spend time creating their projects on the GIS app and presenting them.

Applications are on a rolling basis until the course is full. New Orleans in Twelve Movements is accepting 18 students.

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