Community runs 5k for philanthropy

Alexandra Rosen


On Nov. 2, the Bucknell Brigade organized the Making it to Managua 5k in order to raise money for its upcoming trip to Nicaragua, where the group will participate in various community service projects.

The Bucknell Brigade is a humanitarian group founded in 1999 following the devastation of Hurricane Mitch. The organization is comprised of students and faculty who travel to Nicaragua to volunteer as well as learn about the history and culture of the Central American country.

The 5k took place in Hufnagle Park and students, faculty, and community members ran in the race. Event volunteers were present and past members of the Brigade. 

The Brigade raised around $600, but is hoping to fundraise more money.

“People can still support the Brigade and help us run the 2073 miles to Managua by signing up to run the race at home,” Margaret Benson ’15, co-leader of the Brigade Fundraising committee said.

The Brigade is involved in many service projects, and is particularly connected with a free health clinic in Nueva Vida.

“We are a group that travels to Nicaragua two or three times a year and works alongside Jubilee House Community, our host agency, in the Nueva Vida Community,” Benson said. “The clinic serves the community and provides care and medicine at reduced or no cost to patients. They also just started a dental program.”

The Bucknell Brigade takes advantage of the opportunity to explore Nicaragua, and the trip includes a chance to participate in many different activities.

“Brigades do different activities every year but they generally include projects at the health clinic, projects at our host agency, Jubilee House Community, trips to El Porvenir, a coffee plantation, and historical tours of Managua, the capital city,” Jenna Weaver ’15, co-leader of the Brigade Fundraising committee said.

The Bucknell Brigade has ambitious plans for the future and does not plan on stopping its service project in Nicaragua any time soon.

“We are always selling homemade Nicaraguan crafts and fair trade coffee,” Weaver said. “You can usually find us at events around campus, or stop in the Office of Civic Engagement. Our next fundraiser: selling Mr. Sticky’s sticky buns at the Lewisburg Downtown raid on Dec. 6.” 

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