Library adds film editing laboratory

By Nicole Briggs

Contributing Writer

A new digital video editing lab has opened in the Ellen Clark Bertrand Library.

Before this lab was added, students looking to edit their films only had a few computers on the main level of the library available. These computers were usually in use by students who were not aware of their main purpose for video editing. Students also needed to save their work to an external drive.

Video production specialist Erin Murphy explained the features of the new lab, which is located on lower level one of the library.

“The lab is equipped with 11 dual-monitor Mac workstations and an instructor’s station. Above each workstation are monitors displaying the instructor’s screens. Each computer is connected to an Xsan server,” he said. “This set-up enables multiple users to share storage over a high-speed Fibre Channel network. Every user can read and write directly to the centralized file system. In other words, all files are stored centrally, eliminating the need for an external hard-drive. Users will have access to the server, Final Cut Studio 3 and the Adobe software suite.”

This project was the direct result of findings from a video utilization study completed during the 2010 spring semester. It should aid both students and faculty in video production and provide a space for teachers to hold classes and demonstrations to better meet student needs.

Michelle Steinberg ’13, who has classes in the video lab, said that the monitors above the screens make it much easier for the teacher to share information through the classroom.

“It’s great to have the dual monitors, the isolated space, and you never have to fight for a computer,” she said.

For students who do not know how to use the video editing software, there are students available from 3 p.m. until closing to provide assistance, as well as on weekends. Staff members like Murphy are also easily accessible and ready to help. In addition, editing workshops will be held in the future, and tutorials can also be accessed online at

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